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Welcome to Soul Evolution - Your Source for Holistic Healing, and much more, in Southern Maryland and Washington DC areas. Our intuitive readings, prayers, and chakra alignment services can help you achieve balance and harmony in mind, body, and spirit. Discover the transformative power of holistic healing and schedule a session  today.


Our Method

Listen to Your Soul

This step involves tuning in to your inner wisdom and intuition, and connecting with your spiritual self. By taking time for reflection, meditation, and spiritual practices, you can deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you, and tap into a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

Release Your Mind

This step focuses on clearing mental clutter and negative thought patterns that may be holding you back. By releasing limiting beliefs and cultivating a more positive mindset, you can create space for growth and transformation.

Treat Your Body

This step emphasizes physical wellness, including practices such as exercise, nutrition, and self-care. By prioritizing your body's needs and treating it with kindness and respect, you can enhance your overall well-being and support your healing journey.




Discover hidden truths and tap into your inner wisdom with our intuitive readings. Our gifted readers use spiritual guidance to provide clarity and inspiration for your life's journey.



Timeline healing is a holistic technique that resolves past traumas to bring about healing and transformation in the present moment.



Light the way to healing and spiritual connection with Candle Prayers, a holistic technique that uses candles and prayer to create a peaceful atmosphere



Working with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself.


Our Community Opens
Their Hearts  

"I don't know how she does it, but she has been right about everything that I've gone through since I met Saida. Her skills are unbelievable and worth the time to get her insight and guidance to help maneuver through life. She is Amazing!"

Kyle Kirkner

"Saida's intuitive readings helped me gain clarity and understanding about my life path. Her gentle approach and insightful guidance provided me with the tools I needed to move forward with confidence and purpose."

Zachary Parsons

“I was struggling with anxiety and depression when I first visited Soul Evolution. Saida's chakra alignment session helped me feel more balanced and centered, and her prayer services provided a sense of peace and comfort during a difficult time in my life" 

Chantel Leclerc

"Saida is a gifted and compassionate healer. Her spiritual guidance has helped me connect with my inner wisdom and find the strength and courage to pursue my dreams."

Neal Hill

"I've had the pleasure of working with Saida for several years now, and I can honestly say that her services have had a profound impact on my life. Her gentle yet powerful approach to holistic healing has helped me overcome obstacles and find true joy and fulfillment."

"Soul Evolution is a truly special place. Saida's warm and welcoming energy, combined with her expertise in holistic healing, creates a safe and nurturing space for anyone seeking spiritual growth and transformation."

Nichole Hughes

Jessie Carson

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